The planning process starts with an analysis of the farm location, the water supply for irrigation and the north-south position to line up the rows of the orchard. To create modern intensive systems, you need a solid support structure, a cover to protect against weather conditions, and last but not least, an adequate irrigation and fertigation system, which meets the nutritional needs of the various phases in the plants’ life cycle.
In collaboration with the best companies on the Italian market, Advice&Consulting offers the most efficient, long-lasting solutions for the development of intensive orchard structures.
These structures are designed to last longer than the normal lifespan of an orchard. All the products which make up the system are 100% made in Italy, with top quality materials and are guaranteed by the manufacturer to withstand the weight of the plants and adverse weather conditions.

The use of pre-compressed concrete posts is a winning choice because they are long-lasting, have higher mechanical resistance and are relatively cheap, especially if used for multiple production cycles.
There are various types of support structure, each of which has its own accessories (clamps, clips, hooks, wires, cables and so on) and can be custom built according to the plant being cultivated.
The type of anchoring is carefully chosen depending on the type of terrain and can be either:
– anchoring with a concrete base measuring at least 40 cm in diameter (suitable for all types of terrain)
– anchoring with simplified or screw access (only for compact, stone free terrains and necessary where all the perimeter posts are to be anchored, in order to reduce laying times)

Protecting orchards from weather conditions or insects is essential if you do not want to risk the crop being compromised irreversibly and therefore wasting all your investment and work.
The only way to reduce this risk to a minimum is to protect your plants with effective cover systems, all of which are multifunctional.
Our protection structures can be divided into:

  • Hail-proof nets
  • Rain-proof nets
  • Sun-proof nets
  • Insect-proof nets

The main features of a hail-proof net
A hail-proof net has to meet all the material and resistance requirements as laid out in the European certification standards.

Material: polyethylene (HDPE)
Weave: honeycomb
Thread diameter: minimum 0.28 mm
Mesh: varies according to the type of net but never more than 2.8 x 8 mm
Weight: 48 g/m2 +- 5%
Lifespan: guaranteed up to 10 years for black netting, 5 years for white netting. If well maintained, it can last longer.
Colour: black (-20% light), white (-8/10% light), grey (-12% light)
The honeycomb weave ensures better resistance and excellent value for money. Other types of weave, such as knotted or printed, are not only more expensive, but also less flexible and less resistant.
All our cover fabrics are made with high quality materials including polymer, master and other additives that are among the best on the market.

Advice&Consulting recommends high tech irrigation systems, with an auto-compensating drip or sprinkler system. They are made to measure, according to the requirements of the plants and the amount of water that is available for use on site.
The irrigation systems include pumping stations, filters and fertigation. They are fitted with a control station and, where there is internet coverage, remote control too. They guarantee ideal irrigation, perfectly suited to the needs of the orchard, with the purpose of improving efficiency and making maximum water savings..
Drip irrigation brings notable agronomic advantages:

  • it has the highest level of efficiency, at over 90%
  • it can easily be made into an automatic, programmable system so it can work 24 hours at a time, allowing either shorter shifts or almost continuous irrigation
  • the humidity of the soil can be maintained at the perfect level for the plants
  • it allows for fertigation operations

Both installation and servicing are carried out by experienced technicians who also provide after-sales assistance.